02 July 2015

A bunch of (copy, paste) etc.

For this entry’s obligatory image, I post a fleshy rectangle:

A bunch of (copy, paste) etc.

Now here is a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of etc. copied and pasted from the bad place:

  • I will program my adding machine to pray that the relevant aspects of string theory pull the strings in your favor. Just so you know.
  • Baby tigers are cute. Baby elephants are cute. Baby jackals are cute. Baby birds are hideous.
  • When I try to limit my words to a phrase, I end up writing a paragraph; and when I limit myself to a paragraph, I end up writing more than twenty books.
  • It seems like there are people in my neighborhood.
  • Even more than I love your mother, I love my something‑something because it plays fair.
  • You pulled a mini whale out of a hat and milked it for wine?
  • Z is sad that X is mad that Y is glad.
  • As this world’s Surgeon General, I order the phrase “true thing” to be stamped on all things.
  • Eating flesh is more intimate than fucking it.
  • Your family looks so happy in their photographs.
  • I’ve been told that the skin on my elbows is very elastic.
  • Computers are lovable because they flawlessly obey their humans’ erroneous programming.
  • I wish I could grow a fake mustache.


kinky won said...

You can't grow a fake mustache/ Sorry

Bryan Ray said...

Thanks for being the honestest genie that I have ever rubbed out of a bottle.


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