05 October 2015

Steal a march on it

I have nothing to say about the present entry, but I wanted to write a sentence of introduction anyway, because I thought that the post would look better with some italicized words at the top.

Dear diary,

Whenever I must deliver a speech to accept a lifetime achievement award, I get nervous. While walking out to the crystal podium, I feel dread with every step I take, thinking that I might trip. That’s why I sometimes attempt to outsmart my fear by performing a big obvious stumbling routine for laughs. Then, when I finally make it over to my mark, and the applause dies down, I break the silence; but, as I speak, my mind begins to brood on further troubles: What if bad scenario X happens… or scenario Y… or Z… or A-2… or Lot 49…

Just one week after the award show airs to the public, everyone has forgotten all about it. My fearful concerns and apprehensions were wasted; for they did not result in an immortal artwork that will inspire the generations of futurity.


Here’s a recording that I made really quickly tonight; I read a short excerpt from one of my very own anti-books:

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