11 April 2015

Thoughts triggered by chemical sanitizer

Before I unveil my thoughts, which were inspired by a blurb that I found on the back of a jug of hand sanitizer, I will share not one but two obligatory images.

Here is a picture of an actual compact disc:

And here is a close-up shot of the above disc’s hole:

One romantic thought:

Let’s say that you secretly admire a person. In so-called real life, if that person is standing behind you, you can never know whether or not she is eyeing you. You might think or even feel that she is gazing at you with unquenchable desire, but your beloved might just be looking at a bird that is perched nearby on a cable of the Brooklyn Bridge. So it is possible that your imaginations do not match reality.

But one of the perks of being a movie star is that, when you shoot a scene on a sofa, sitting next to a co-star who happens to be your secret crush, and the script calls for you to lean forward (so that you cannot see your beloved, but she can see you), as soon as the scene has been edited and finalized—which is to say, once it is available to be screened by the general public—you can legally use big money to bribe the employees of the box office (or ticket booth) to allow you into the theater to watch the film, whereon, by scrutinizing the screen, you might discover almost with a degree of certainty that your co-star seemed to be eyeing you during that moment. . . . Her gaze might even have contained a hint of desire.


kinky won said...

So if CD's have white holes do DVd"s have black holes ? or are you discussin with ho's and blac k ho's? I realy don't understand you nor do I want to i like the way my mindf moves (and my superior typing skills)

Bryan Ray said...

You possess a higher net worth than I do, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


Bryan Ray said...

Thank you, dear Anonymous; your protest is important to me.


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